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Healing the Mind, Body & Soul through Life Coaching, Reiki, Yoga and Ion Detoxing.

Life is like a Game of Hide and Seek

Are you subconsciously hiding from Pain, Trauma and Fears? 
Together, let me guide you to seek out your true self to find Freedom & Peace.


You can now find me at my new location!

158 Manitoba Street

Bracebridge ON, P1L 2A9

Located in Lower Unit 

Main Entrance

Meet Melanie

Certified Life & Wellness Coach

Reiki Master

Ion Detox Specialist 

Certified Yoga Instructor

Connecting the Mind, Body & Soul.

I am a caring, compassionate, heart centred soul, that provides a safe, non judgement space for you to be open and honest with yourself.  YOU are in control of your own journey and together we build the confidence needed to move forward. 

My goal:  Is to help you connect your mind body and soul together to find your true authentic self, by clearing blocked energies, detoxing the body and building self confidence, self love and self acceptance.  

I'm here to help you change your perspective, find inner peace, accept your true self and start living a life of abundance and joy. 

When my clients become aware of their blocked energy and old thought patterns, it frees up space to move forward towards true happiness.. 

My clients come to me for guidance, support, understanding, accountability and hope.

I truly  love to see people become their authentic self and together we will find that.


Choose to invest in you and your happiness, because you deserve it!!!


Life Coaching

Mind, Body & Soul

A 1:1 Wellness Coaching program to guide you to your full potential 



A Massage for the Soul

1 Hour sessions and packages available 


Ion Foot Detox

Relaxes, Cleanses, Balances & Enhances the Energy of the Body.

Book your introductory session today.



Private 1 on 1 yoga, group yoga, corporate yoga, yoga classes and yoga retreats.

Welcome to a better version of YOU


Let's work together,  removing blocks, regaining confidence and seeking out self acceptance and self love, to bring Freedom & Inner Peace to your daily life.

I have had multiple sessions with Melanie for both her ion foot bath treatment and her Reiki sessions. I found the ion bath to be very helpful at relieving some issues of toxicity and pain. This service was enjoyable and very effective.


As a Reiki practitioner Melanie has cultivated a highly tuned presence necessary to perform Reiki at a high level. All of my sessions with her were profound at helping me with my internal energies, I found clarity to see things as they are. Thank you Melanie!

- Brent B.

I love yoga with Melanie. She is a great instructor and brings a positive energy to the class. Her classes are a great mix of postures, stretches, breathing and relaxation. Melanie always completes her session with a short inspirational meditation leaving me rejuvenated and ready for the day ahead.

I also recommend you try Melanie's ionic foot baths. They are a relaxing experience and I believe that it is another good tool in maintaining health by helping to clear out toxins. Just try it, you will be amazed with the results.

- Rosemary

Mel gets right to the core of your heart and helps you answer your own questions.
Her positivity is so inspiring as she transforms your empowering beliefs and abilities.

After only 4 sessions, I enjoy mornings, I am in the best shape I have been in for 4 years and I deal with conflict in a lighter yet more assertive manner. 

Kudos to Mel. I fully recommend her life coaching skills

- Tess

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