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Meet Melanie

Wellness Practioner, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Ion Detox Specialist and Yoga Instructor

At a young age, I married my high school sweetheart of 11 years and soon became the centre of a mentally, physically and emotionally abusive relationship with an alcoholic husband which drove me to a deep depression and almost suicide.  Without hesitation I knew I had to take our son and find a healthy, happy environment to raise him.


I then met my second husband,. of 13 years I was swept off my feet. However, I still hadn't healed from my first marriage,  My life quickly became a family of 5, raising my two sons and my stepson all under the age of 4.  I dedicated my entire life raising these 3 boys, being the mom, wife, business owner, and running my husbands business. I completely lost myself and who I was..


In 2016 my second marriage ended.  I felt lost and confused,, my whole world was turned upside down. I then spent 10 months grieving and stuck in this pain.  I slowly started healing on my own, through books, journaling, mantras, meditation, and yoga. I wanted to keep learning and growing.  It felt so refreshing and invigorating!!

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Reiki Master
300hr YTT Certified Yoga Instructor
Ion Detox Specialist 
Certified Jay Shetty Life Coach

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I became a Certified Yoga Instructor and a Reiki Master. I learned about healthy lifestyle living,  ion detoxing and became more aware of my thoughts, emotions, physical body and total well being. 


Something still seemed to be missing.  I wanted to learn more, to heal more and help more people. So I took a leap of faith and listened to my inner calling. and registered to become a Certified Life Coach at The Jay Shetty School of Life Coaching. 

11 months later here I am, living my purpose and passion, helping people everyday, through all I have learned.  Coaching clients to heal their mind, Yoga and Reiki to heal the soul + Ion Detoxing to heal the body. 


We need to heal the Mind, Body and Soul in order to heal the entire Being.

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